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Autumn Summer

Two thousand years of growing vines and making wine have left their mark on Burgundy; so much so that the region is today one of the most complex, intriguing and arguably most rewarding of all wine-producing areas. The rich diversity of Burgundy is no more apparent than in the ever-increasing number of single-estates which are now producing their own wines.

The Vinspiration Wines portfolio comprises a choice of family-owned domaines, producing authentic quality Burgundy in an artisanal manner and on a human scale. My belief is that it is these small independent estates that really deliver the essence of true Burgundy and where wines displaying the greatest personality, individuality and quality are to be found. Many of our producers have only come to the fore in the past five or ten years with the arrival of a new generation at the helm and a renewed focus on quality, or by the creation of a new domaine through marriage or inheritance. The decision to domaine-bottle a greater proportion of the harvest - rather than opt for the tradition route of selling in bulk the the “négoce” - has led to a rejuvenation of an old-established family estate. Whatever the reasons, it is living proof that the ancient grape-growing region of Burgundy continues to re-invent itself and remains the most captivating, absorbing and fascinating of wine districts.

Our estates offer importers, distributors and consumers access to some of the most exciting new names in Burgundy : a new generation of growers who will become the standard bearers of fine Burgundy in the years to come and whose responsibility it will be to ensure that the reputation of Burgundy continues to thrive, especially as the region’s wines venture into new, developing markets.

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Chris McIndoe
Vinspiration Wines
Beaune- Côte d’Or - France